Dogs & Pets

Pet owners have different needs when it comes to their yards, and Global Syn-Turf understands that. Our Pet Turf, featuring Flo-Rite-Thru technology, coupled with specific installation techniques is the perfect system to customize your artificial grass product application and fit your plans. We can help you figure out exactly what it will take to meet your pet requirements and design wishes.



Designed for quality and functionality, Pet Turf with Flo-Rite-Thru technology is both safe and hygienic. Perfect for any size pet and any size budget.

The Global Syn-Turf team addresses every concern that pet owners have when considering installing synthetic turf. We take into consideration all the parts that make up the perfect outdoor environment for your four-legged family members.


  • Size of your pet
  • Size of the installation area
  • Amount of time your pet spends in the area
  • Digging, chewing, and escape contingencies
  • Aesthetic preferences
  • Variety of artificial grass choices

Global Syn-Turf has the broadest range of synthetic turf products on the market for you to choose from. Though Pet Turf with Flo-Rite-Thru technology is specifically designed for pets, all of our products are safe and convenient for pet usage. The choice is all yours!


Say goodbye to dead spots. Say goodbye to divots. Say hello to a pet paradise for all your furry friends.


Global Syn-Turf artificial grass for dogs and pets areas eliminates mud in your yard year round, which means more fun in the yard for you and your pets.

Zero mud means zero muddy paw prints tracked throughout your home, saving you time and wear and tear on your floors. Give Rover a good washing in the yard without worrying that you’ll make a muddy mess.


Pet Turf with Flo-Rite-Thru technology is 100% permeable. No matter if it is tinkle time for your pooch or the storm of the century there is never standing water in your yard.


Fleas and ticks hate synthetic grass and will swiftly evacuate your yard, taking with them all the health problems that they cause your pets.


Zeolite, an organic mineral, used to infill pet turf absorbs 80% of pet waste odor. Natural volcanic ash is safe for small children and pets. Zeolite has the added benefit of keeping your grass cooler, not to mention that it doesn’t block drainage systems or damage the turf blades.


Gopher wire installed under the turf keeps out gophers, moles, and many other destructive little critters.

Installation Options


Pets come in a variety of sizes with a range of specific needs. Bigger dogs require more room to play and do their business, while smaller dogs can thrive in smaller areas. Some households can handle multiple pets, while others are satisfied with just one. Kennels, daycares and veterinary clinics all host manifold and diverse animals every day. Global Syn-Turf offers a variety of turf options ideally suited for your specific pet needs.

Some dogs thrive on being outside for long hours of the day while others are content with living a relaxed, relatively indoor lifestyle. Buddy, the German Shepherd, requires a full back yard to play in all day and Bella the Chihuahua spends most of her time in her owner’s lap indoors. Bella has a small area to do her business outside, and that is all she needs. You know what is best for your pet, ensure that you have the optimal space for your pet to be comfortable and free to do what they need to do.

Global Syn-Turf offers Pet Turf and our Pet Grass Series as turf options developed specifically for pet use. Flo-Rite-Thru Technology efficiently drains any liquid through the turf reducing smell and bacteria.


Pet odors can be challenging for any business or homeowner. Global Syn-Turf’s specially designed Flo-Rite-Thru Technology quickly drains liquids away from the surface of the turf preventing pooling and unsanitary conditions. The addition of Zeolite works as the best odor eliminator on the market today; used in the majority of pet installations, this organic infill traps and controls odors while being eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe for pets.


Active dogs of any size are prone to dig and scratch away at the natural grass and dirt lawns leaving patchy areas that are almost impossible to maintain. Unsightly patches lead to muddy areas, hazardous trip zones, and countless other nuisances. Synthetic turf features an impenetrable, woven base that dogs and other pesky wildlife will not be able to scratch through.


Wild pests such as moles, gophers, and other rodents are all guilty of digging up lawns and causing damage that needs constant supervision and maintenance to regrow. Gopher wire is a barrier that protects turf from animals digging up through the ground. Professional installation of synthetic turf and gopher wire ensure that these animals won’t be able to mark the surface of your pristine lawn.



Global Syn-Turf prides itself in the environmentally friendly artificial grass. Global Syn-Turf continually works to better the environment and maintains a green footprint. In addition to the vast benefits of saving water, GST strives to lower carbon footprints, extend the life of turf, and work towards a solution for proper recycling of used turf.

The benefits installing synthetic turf has on the environment are visible on a daily level. Countless gallons of water are saved by not having to participate in the regular watering maintenance lawns across the country. Synthetic turf decreases the amount of pesticides and fertilizers used to keep natural grass meeting the high levels of beauty standards for lawns. With the decreased use of these harsh chemicals, synthetic turf is reducing the risk of poisoning or dangerous reaction from runoff or chemical exposure. Global Syn-Turf offers lead-free synthetic turf that is safe for everyone to enjoy.


Installation of Global Syn-Turf artificial grass for dogs significantly reduces carbon emissions, chemical contamination, and unnecessary fuel consumption from lawn equipment.


Ditch constant watering and watch your water bill lower and water reserves fill up.


With the installation of synthetic turf as a pet area, your pets are not exposed to any harmful chemicals and have a safe, clean place to do their business.