Global Syn-Turf’s cutting edge putting greens can help you improve your golf game from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Innovation and high-quality engineering from the Global Syn-Turf team have resulted in the best putting green on the market. We offer a full line of golf turf and accessories. Putting Greens, Tee Lines, Bent Grass, fringe turf, flags and poles, a variety of cups, and cup lights all work in concert to improve your short game and take strokes off your score.



Global Syn-Turf offers a diverse selection of putting greens so you can customize your golf build to fit your exact needs. Global Syn-Turf has three types of putting greens: polypropylene, nylon, and monofilament slit film; not to mention tee lines and gold accessories. All these choices ensure that you can custom build the golf installation of your dreams. Global Syn-Turf products are developed by a team of the best synthetic grass engineers in the world. Their combined expertise has led to the creation of world-class golf greens that can even outperform real grass. Enjoy master level putting greens in the sanctity of your own backyard, sans the master maintenance bill that real grass comes with.

Global Syn-Turf has golf greens for every phase of the game for you to enjoy while gaining a competitive edge. We have an array of fringe turf options to suit every taste and simulate any type of real greens environment you may fancy. Our top of the line tee line products is perfect for both commercial use and driving range mats.

Global Syn-Turf golf turf can be designed to fit any space and any budget – everything from portable putting greens to driving mats and full-scale custom golf greens installations. We have the products for DIYers and professional installers alike. No matter what method you choose, you’ll get the edge up on your golf game over your opponents without club fees and early morning tee times.

Whether you’re a pro golfer or weekend warrior, you’ll delight in having a putting green from Global Syn-Turf. Your scores will get lower and lower, and your friends will wonder what your secret is. Call Global Syn-Turf at (877) 796-8873 (877-SYN-TURF) today.


Professional Golfer Bernhard Langer has Global Syn-Turf putting greens beautifully installed in his own back yard. But, rest assured, you don’t have to be a two-time Masters Champion to enjoy the highest quality putting greens from Global Syn-Turf.

With Global Syn-Turf putting greens you are finally able to build your “best backyard ever”. The best part is, you can enjoy your backyard for years and years to come.


Design your dream backyard to your exact specifications. You can keep your custom home putting green a secret or share the enjoyment with friends and family. Backyard putting greens make a great statement piece and are wonderful for entertaining.


Global Syn-Turf has every putting green accessory you could ever want. Aluminum and plastic cups, flags in an assortment of checkered and solid colors with an option to special order custom colors, flag poles, and cup lights. Global Syn-Turf also carries fine grain infill specifically used for putting greens and several other installation tools.


Global Syn-Turf Tee Line-120 can be used for residential and commercial properties. Tee Line-120 can be easily cut into fairway mats. Golf Tees that won’t snag and will last a long time.